Jon Baker – Speaker, Author, Coach

Sane Success in small business.

Did you start your business to be successful, or get stressed?

Over a third of business owners report high levels of stress due to their business, success is no longer good enough, it’s time to focus on sane success in small businesses.


Inspiring visions for business growth
Inspiring visions for business growth


Jon presents on business growth to achieve Sane Success; whether that’s better leadership, better networking or being better. Sane Success creates more productive and happier people. Click to learn more.


Ninja Networking: The book to help business owners get more business from business networking.
The Go-To Expert: How to grow your reputation, differentiate yourself from the competition and win new business.



What’s your next step? Work with Jon as your coach, so you start creating your own sane success. Click to learn more.


Stories, inspiration and clear practical ideas.

You want a speaker to energise, educate and get people laughing. ‘Motivational’ is never enough, you want your delegates inspired to put clear actions into place, the next day. Jon can kick off your event, end your conference on a high or deliver a powerful masterclass to keep people talking.

What do other people say?

Heather Pedder

I’ve had so many additional comments and e-mails following on from the people that attended your presentation at Basepoint Luton that I felt it only right that I should let you know just how well it went down with them. Your absolute professionalism, genuine enthusiasm and motivation was encouraging to many as was the succinct way it was delivered. Additionally the top scores that you received from ALL the attendees endorses that high regard and you are to be congratulated on your achievement. You are always a very welcome presenter Jon and these comments endorse the reason as to why you are so highly thought of. Again many thanks and we look forward to seeing you here again soon.

Ben von Broembsen

Jon delivers ideas, strategies and stories that educate and entertain. Delegates always get clear practical steps that can be implemented, and make you think of clear actions that you can put into place.

David Bridge

I have had the pleasure of attending a number of Jon’s presentations; he has a very engaging and relaxed style that puts the audience at ease. He manages to get the message across without the feeling that you are being talked at. One of Jon’s greatest skills is ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to be involved and participate in the event, so that you leave feeling that you have contributed to the proceeding, in a very practical way

Mark Hawkins

highly recommend Jon for his no-nonsense, humour and down to earth presentation style and practical advice that will benefit ANY business looking to increase sales, customers and profitability.