About Jon

You know I speak, coach ambitious business owners and that I’ve written a book. But who is Jon Baker?

A few simple beliefs

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  • Life: Work fits within life, so fun is important too.
  • Goals don’t work: It’s the daily habits you put in place that get you there.
  • Time Management is an oxymoron: I’ve not yet found anybody that can manage time.
  • Social Media is like an Iceberg: The bit that does the business can’t be seen!
  • When you create a great team, that love their work – you learn more and perform better.
  • There is nothing new in life, just new angles that make all the difference.

You can read more of my (sometimes random) thoughts on business by clicking here.

I specialise in helping business owners create sane success for their business and become The Go-To Expert.

I’ve worked with professionals at every level, trained sales teams across Europe, designed and delivered hundreds of workshops for different audiences at every level of a professional practice or business, presented to audiences from the National Indoor arena to lively breakfast meetings and seminars for small businesses.

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When I’m not working

I’m Scuba Diving most weekends, somewhere between the Arctic Circle and New Zealand (normally the UK). I’m lucky, diving has taken me to great places, allowed me to meet great people and provided plenty of fun. It’s taken me into a few tight spots too; that’s why I often use scuba diving metaphors when I’m speaking.

I love being outdoors, The second best place to think clearly is 6 metres above the ground surrounded by trees and wildlife – and it’s quite possible.

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I enjoyed hiking the Inca Trail, Everest base camp and Kilimanjaro are next on the list.

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Call (07803 082 724) or email me (jon@jon-baker.me), let’s talk about how I can help you at your event.

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